On the way to a tobacco and nicotine-free Switzerland

The Swiss Tobacco Prevention Association is the competence center for tobacco prevention in Switzerland. As an umbrella organization for the promotion of non-smoking, it currently has over 50 collective members. AT Switzerland offers its members a broad network of experts and provides specialist knowledge on tobacco control and prevention.

It is committed to a sustainably healthy and smoke-free Switzerland with evidence-based services and the networking of key players, while at the same time offering the population a helping hand in quitting smoking and nicotine withdrawal.

News and blog posts

05.06.2024 News

New Brief Highlights Environmental Devastation Caused by Tobacco Industry

Today, in conjunction with World Environment Day, we are proud to publish our latest brief, "Tobacco and the Environment". It sheds light on the often-overlooked environmental consequences of the tobacco industry.

14.05.2024 News

AT Blog - Nepal's Struggle Against Tobacco's Stranglehold on Health and Economy

The escalating impact of tobacco on the lives and health of the Nepalese is alarming.

from Anjana Lamichhane

15.03.2024 News

The authorities' inexplicable and culpable negligence regarding the millions of illegal disposable electronic cigarettes now on the Swiss market

The Confederation is not enforcing the law.

The 17 Sustainable Development Goals and tobacco