Tobacco industry


Documents indicate that since the 1950s, tobacco and oil companies have attempted to conceal the negative health and environmental impacts of their industries by hiring public relations firms, research institutions and researchers for this purpose. The tobacco industry's interference in the health policies of nations is the greatest obstacle to progress in reducing the deadly consequences of tobacco use. In this sense, Article 5.3 of the WHO FCTC requires signatory countries to protect their health policies from the interests of the tobacco industry. Monitoring and researching tobacco industry lobbying and holding the tobacco industry accountable for its actions and the consequences of its products are essential to the success of tobacco control.

AT Switzerland fights the tobacco industry's misinformation and manipulation of national and global tobacco markets as well as the activities of tobacco manufacturers, industry, retailers and sellers regarding their public affairs, political marketing and lobbying.

For this reason, AT Switzerland advocates for transparent party and political financing in Switzerland.

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