MMS Bulletin: In the clutches of the tobacco companies

In cooperation with Medicus Mundi Switzerland (MMS), the leading network of international health cooperation and global health, AT Switzerland addresses in an online bulletin the crimes of the tobacco industry in the global South and why they endanger the goals of the 2030 Agenda.


Bild: Ahmed Zayan auf Unsplash

Since its discovery, tobacco has been the cause of slavery, colonialism, exploitation, disease and death. Today, the tobacco companies and their scheming actions are primarily responsible for this. While the global community has had some success in the fight against tobacco consumption through concerted action, the influence of the tobacco multinationals is largely unchecked. Billions in profits, irresponsibility, corruption and interference in political decision-making, especially in low- and middle-income countries, are responsible for a long list of threats to public health.

Read in this MMS Bulletin, produced in close cooperation with Medicus Mundi Switzerland, about what the ongoing challenges and negative impacts on people, the environment and social justice will be if this influence does not fundamentally change.

Read the Bulletin here

AT Switzerland, january 2023