New Brief Highlights Environmental Devastation Caused by Tobacco Industry

Today, in conjunction with World Environment Day, we are proud to publish our latest brief, "Tobacco and the Environment." The comprehensive report was developed in collaboration with stop2drop. It sheds light on the often-overlooked environmental consequences of the tobacco industry. While the detrimental health effects of tobacco are well-documented, the ecological impact from cultivation to disposal is equally alarming and demands urgent attention.

Our brief underscores the importance of recognizing tobacco's full environmental impact, which undermines all 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals. As we mark World Environment Day, we call for increased awareness and decisive action to mitigate the environmental harm caused by the tobacco industry. We encourage our readers to explore the brief and join us in advocating for policies that reduce the ecological footprint of tobacco.

Read the full brief, or the shorter fact sheet here.

The report was developed in collaboration with stop2drop and unisanté.

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