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Become a member!

The Swiss Association for Tobacco Control is the national umbrella organization of health organizations active in tobacco prevention in Switzerland as well as the national competence center for the promotion of non-smoking. 

Join us in advocating for...

  • conditions in Switzerland that enable the population to live a life without addiction to tobacco and nicotine products and free from the harmful consequences of consuming these products.
  • AT Switzerland to be a broadly based center of competence and national umbrella organization fully committed to strengthening tobacco control.

Individual membership

Register directly here and become an individual member. With an annual contribution of CHF 100, you become part of the national network for the promotion of non-smoking. You will benefit from regular information, and receive invitations to our events and many other advantages.

Your advantages

  • receive regular news and updates from our network with our AT newsletter 

  • receive our documents before their official publication

  • be invited to our general meeting 

  • participate for free in our events (e.g. AT conference)

  • receive our daily Swiss press review on the topic of tobacco 

  • become part of a broad network (Slack access) to promote non-smoking and public health in Switzerland

  • be able to advertise by sharing information on AT Switzerland's Slack network for free

  • receive scientific support: If you are looking for a scientific document or a detailed bibliography on tobacco or nicotine, the AT offers you scientific support for this.

Become a member

Regular annual fee individual members:    100 CHF
Students / AVS / IV:    50 CHF


Annual fee collective members:  1000 CHF


Who can become a member?

Art. 3 Acquisition 
Membership is conditional on support for the objectives of tobacco control and prevention. Membership is not open to anyone who works for tobacco and nicotine manufacturers, processors, traders and sellers (for example, employees, board members or subsidiaries), who receives material support from them (for example, through orders), or who shares any other economic interest with them (for example, share ownership).

Membership for organizations

Become part of our network and the leading center of excellence for tobacco prevention in Switzerland. Contribute your knowledge, skills and experience and at the same time benefit from the exchange and expertise of our members.
Apply for membership of your organization here.

Our organization

In order to achieve its goals, AT Schweiz as an association seeks a broad membership of organizations and individuals who support the strategy outlined here. In doing so, AT Schweiz draws on the existing resources of all other actors, networks with them and coordinates their work. All organizations are interlocking cogs in the machine of tobacco control. AT Schweiz is the central cog in the wheel.
AT Schweiz acts with a focus on the four strategic fields of action – denormalization of tobacco consumption, protection of young people / non-initiation, smoking cessation, and protection against passive smoking – and in the four strategic business areas (advocacy, knowledge management, communication, coordination, and networking) on the way to a tobacco- and nicotine-free Switzerland.

AT Switzerland

... offers its members a broad network of experts and specialists for the dissemination and acquisition of expertise on tobacco control and prevention.
... is committed to a sustainable, healthy and smoke-free Switzerland through evidence-based services and the networking of key stakeholders.

Our association vision

The Swiss Association for Tobacco Control is a recognized and central competence center for tobacco control in Switzerland. The umbrella organization sees itself primarily as a service provider for its members, in particular for advocacy, for knowledge management on tobacco and nicotine consumption and its effects, as well as on cantonal, national and international tobacco control measures, for communication on tobacco control as well as for coordination and networking of tobacco-control stakeholders.

Our vision for 2030

In Switzerland, the conditions are met for the population to live free from addiction to tobacco and nicotine products, and free from the harmful consequences of consuming
these products. As a result, public health has improved.

Advantages of membership

Connect yourself and your organization with relevant stakeholders in tobacco control in Switzerland and benefit from the exchange and expertise of our organization and thus strengthen our network.

Admission of new member organizations

Full members of AT Switzerland are admitted by the General Assembly in accordance with the Association's statutes. Please send a written application for membership to the office. The general meeting takes place every autumn.
Are you interested in becoming a member of the network? Then please contact us. 

Thank you very much!