Luciano Ruggia (100 %)

Managing Director

In January 2020, I took over the management of AT Switzerland. My goal is to strengthen and better position AT with regard to the developments in the consumption of nicotine products as well as the structural changes that are taking place, especially at the legal level. Our country is still one of the laggards in terms of protection from smoking and the influence of the tobacco industry. There are very competent, committed people working both in the AT and in our network. I would like to lean on them to advance the cause and values of AT Switzerland. 


Nicola Imseng (100%)

Communications Project Manager

As communications manager, I am responsible for the design and coordination of our products and the management of the online communication channels. I also edit, correct and process all kinds of articles and texts. The co-design and implementation of the new communication strategy is one of my other areas of activity. 


Wolfgang Kweitel (80 %)

Public Affairs

My area of expertise is public affairs. In this context, I am in contact with our partner organisations, supporting them and coordinating our work. A central task is the campaign work of the Alliance for a Strong Tobacco Products Act. My area also includes political public relations and political monitoring. 


Nicolas Michel (80 %)

Project Manager

The further development and management of is my job. As project manager, I coordinate the organizations involved as well as the service providers of the website. The aim of the project is to bring together helpful stop-smoking services on a national stop-smoking platform. 

Hugo Molineaux (60%)

Associate editor

I am a historian specializing in advertising and its regulation. In 2023 I am working with AT and photographer Rocco Rorandelli to produce a book to recognize the association's 50th anniversary. Together with members of the AT team, we will pull together research modules on the tobacco industry for the Transparency and Truth Task Force of the Tobacco Prevention Fund, chaired by Pascal Diethelm of OxySuisse.


Adrian Schär (100 %)

Project Assistant

My main tasks are mainly related to the project Experiment Non-Smoking. I am the contact person for teachers and students, take registrations and cancellations and am responsible for dispatches and orders. Helping out with a national project is fun for me! 


Kris Schürch (100%)

Knowledge Management Project Manager

Public health is severely affected by the consumption of tobacco and nicotine products. My task is to reduce this consumption by collecting, processing and distributing relevant knowledge. This processed knowledge will eventually be disseminated among relevant stakeholders in the form of evidence-based documents, such as factsheets and analytical reports. 


Priska Tüscher (50 %)

Finances and staff

I am responsible for accounting and personnel administration. My main tasks are the payment of invoices and the booking of all income and expenditures. In addition, I do the VAT settlements and all the work related to the annual accounts. I also take care of all administrative work related to wages and personnel. 


Samira Buob (60 %)

Stopsmoking intern

I assist the team in the development and optimization of content on the platform. This internship allows me to have an exciting insight into the fields of health promotion and prevention. In addition, I have the chance to put into practice the knowledge I acquired during my psychology studies and can help people who want to quit smoking.