AT Research - Benzopyrene, smoke and money. The perfect Philip Morris recipe for toxic scientific research

In 2023, a concerning case reminiscent of classic tactics employed by the tobacco industry has come to light, exposing Philip Morris International's (PMI) continued influence on scientific research.

The focus of PMI's efforts appears to be the promotion of their 'new' and 'innovative' tobacco products, casting a shadow over the credibility of these claims. Our investigation aims to unveil the extent of PMI's financial sway over select Swiss researchers, revealing that the targeted involvement of PMI employees in research is not an isolated incident. AT Schweiz conducted in-depth research to expose the meaning and ramifications of this new case of tobacco industry manipulated research.


Image: On its web page PMI Science stress proudly its transparency and scientific rigor. Of course, those are only empty words (the black bubbles are from us).

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