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Become a member!

The Swiss Association for Tobacco Control is the national umbrella organization of health organizations active in tobacco prevention in Switzerland as well as the national competence center for the promotion of non-smoking.

Join us in advocating for....
- conditions in Switzerland that enable the population to live a life without addiction to tobacco and nicotine products and free from the harmful consequences of consuming these products.
- AT Switzerland to be a broadly based center of competence and national umbrella organization fully committed to strengthening tobacco control.

Individual membership

Register directly here and become an individual member. With an annual contribution of CHF 100, you become part of the national network for the promotion of non-smoking. You will benefit from regular information, and receive invitations to our events and many other advantages.

Your advantages

  • receive regular news and updates from our network with our AT-Newsletter
  • you will receive our documents before their official publication
  • Annual invitation to our general meeting
  • reduced participation fee for our events (e.g. AT conference)
  • you will receive our daily Swiss press review on the subject of tobacco
  • Become part of a broad network (Slack access) to promote non-smoking and public health in Switzerland
  • Advertisements: Take advantage of the opportunity to share information free of charge in the AT Switzerland Slack network
  • Scientific support: Are you looking for a scientific document or a detailed bibliography on the subject of tobacco or nicotine? AT offers you scientific support for this.

To declare your membership of the Swiss Tobacco Prevention Association, please complete the following form and send it to us with the required enclosures.


Required documents

  • Duly completed and signed application for membership and attached declaration of interests
  • short letter of motivation and curriculum vitae
  • If applicable, a copy of the proof of reduced contributions (student ID or IV ID, ID N, proof of unemployment benefits, etc.)

Submit application

The completed membership application can be submitted in one of the following ways:

Who can become a member?

Art. 3 Acquisition

Membership is conditional on support for the objectives of tobacco control and prevention. Anyone who works for tobacco and nicotine manufacturers, processors, distributors and sellers (e.g. employees, board members or subsidiaries), is materially supported by them (e.g. through orders) or shares any other economic interest with them (e.g. share ownership) cannot become a member.

There are two categories of members of the working group:

  • Active members
  • Associate members

Active members of the working group can be public authorities, legal entities and other groups of persons.

Associate members of the working group can be natural persons.

Only active members have the right to vote in the Assembly of Delegates.

Associate members have the right to submit motions to the Board of Directors.

Art. 4 Resignation and exclusion

The Executive Board decides on the admission and exclusion of members at its own discretion and without giving reasons.

A member may resign from the Association by giving three months' written notice to the Association at the end of a calendar year.

Art. 10 Membership fee

The membership fee for active members is a maximum of CHF 1000 per year.

The membership fee for associate members is a maximum of CHF 100 per year.

Associate members of the following groups pay half the membership fee: young people up to the age of 18; students up to the age of 26; unemployed persons; persons in a difficult financial situation; asylum seekers; etc.)