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14.05.2024 Blog

Burning Issues: Nepal's Struggle Against Tobacco's Stranglehold on Health and Economy

The escalating impact of tobacco on the lives and health of the Nepalese is alarming.

from Anjana Lamichhane

18.12.2023 Blog

EHL is committed to smoke-free spaces

EHL Hospitality Business School, founded in 1893, has set itself the goal of transforming its campus into a smoke-free zone.

from Mélanie Chibani

07.12.2023 Blog

Belgium is adopting 10 bold tobacco control measures

Presented by the Belgian Minister of Social Affairs and Public Health on Tuesday, 24 October 2023, after having been approved by the Council of Ministers, this set of new regulations marks an important step in putting an end to tobacco. The Belgian Alliance for a Tobacco-Free Society traces the process that led to these important decisions and details their content.

from Pierre Bizel & Danielle van Kalmthout

01.09.2023 Blog

E-cigarettes 95% less dangerous? Myth, scientific lies, and manipulations

A tenacious myth maintains that electronic cigarettes (ENDS) are 95% less dangerous than traditional cigarettes.

from Luciano Ruggia

10.08.2023 Blog

Is PMI Really Creating a ‘Smoke-Free Future’?

In April 2019, Philip Morris International (PMI)—the world’s largest transnational cigarette company—launched a seemingly ironic initiative: “Unsmoke Your World.” The campaign, still quietly running today, is one strand of a global public relations campaign in which PMI claims to want a “smoke-free future.”

from STOP

17.05.2023 Blog

Don’t trust the ELF!

In Norse mythology, an Elf is a rather friendly supernatural creature, also present in Tolkien's Lord of the Rings series. But a much more real and dangerous ELF is circulating among us!

from Luciano Ruggia

21.02.2023 Blog

Preventing tobacco use in children and adolescents

The primary prevention of tobacco use among children and adolescents is both the cornerstone and the “Achilles heel” of tobacco control policy.

from Vincenzo Zagà

01.02.2023 Blog

Electronic Cigarettes and Cardiovascular Risk

Electronic cigarettes or e-cigarettes have become popular because they are promoted as a "healthier alternative" to smoking. This hypothesis was recently refuted by the FDA.

from Isabella Sudano

20.12.2022 Blog

“Nicotine pouches save lives”: Just more data manipulation from the nicotine industry

The nicotine and tobacco industries are adapting manipulative tactics that they used for cigarettes to market their nicotine pouch products.

from Luciano Ruggia

31.10.2022 Blog

Tobacco Industry Attempts at Interference and Marketing Tricks in Bosnia & Herzegovina

The tobacco industry doesn't typically come to mind as an environmental steward, but the tobacco industry has historically greenwashed its reputation and products through programs on the global level.

from Uliana Bakh und Jasmina Cekric (PROI)

31.08.2022 Blog

Explosion in the Consumption of Disposable Electronic Cigarettes: Appalling Figures and a Cry of Alarm!

Since their arrival, disposable electronic cigarettes have been completely changing the nicotine consumption market and their sales are growing exponentially: the increase in sales could reach 2,200% in 2022!

from Luciano Ruggia