Purpose and Tasks

The Swiss Association for Smoking Prevention AT was founded in 1973 as the umbrella organisation for efforts to promote non-smoking in Switzerland. Today the Association has 65 group members; these include health care associations on the national and canton levels (e.g. the Swiss Lung Association and the Zurich Cancer Association), public and private organisations in the healthcare sector, insurance companies and the Swiss cantons.

The Swiss Association for Smoking Prevention is also a professional society. This dual role enables it to coordinate the diversified activities mounted by its members against smoking.

The work of the Association is focused on:

Campaigns to promote non-smoking

AT initiates, designs and heads campaigns, frequently in cooperation with other sponsors and partners such as the Swiss Cancer Association, the Lung Association, the Swiss Heart Foundation and the Federal Office of Public Health. By supplying these organisations with anti-smoking materials, it creates favourable conditions for the success of regional campaigns.

Media work

Each week the AT publishes current news on its website. It also puts together a monthly package of information for the media. The AT-Information is a quarterly distributed to AT members and other interested parties.

Legislation and policymaking

AT is an active member of the Swiss Commission for Smoking Prevention. In its field of expertise, AT issues public statements and gives its professional opinion during hearings on proposed legislation. It supports measures aimed at creating the legal framework for tobacco control (e.g. protection against passive smoking, restriction of the availability of tobacco products, prohibition of tobacco advertising, increased taxes on tobacco products, etc.)


AT has compiled comprehensive documentation on the subject of smoking. For example, it has prepared Fact Sheets on various topics related to smoking. It is also a valuable source of information on smoking prevention and on presentations dealing with various smoking cessation methods.

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